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Lou Schuler Speaking

What can Lou do for you?

Need a keynote speaker for your next corporate meeting, campus lecture series, seminar, or retreat? I humbly recommend myself for the job.

Currently, I present several times a year for audiences of health, fitness, and nutrition professionals and enthusiasts.

My speaking schedule picked up in 2012, including my first invitation to present at the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s national conference, along with seminars in Louisville and Toronto. That’s in addition to the annual Fitness Summit in Kansas City, where I act as emcee and do a presentation more often than not. I was also invited to speak at the NSCA Personal Trainers Conference in 2013.

I’ve been presenting at conferences, retreats, and workshops since 2006. My first few – including the International Society of Sports Nutrition annual conferences in 2007 and 2009 – focused on my expertise as a fitness journalist. I explained to audiences of fitness and nutrition pros how editors at newspapers and magazines make decisions, and how to work with them as a source or contributor.

Eventually I made the leap into subjects that were outside my professional boundaries but reflected my lifelong interests in history, politics, pop culture, and mythology.

First was “All-American Muscle: Fitness, Nutrition, Health, and the Presidency,” which I presented at the Fitness Summit in 2008. Want to know how William Howard Taft, America’s fattest president, symbolized a period of intense interest in public health and self-improvement? Or why Jimmy Carter’s ambitious fitness routine paradoxically created an image of a man too small for his office? If you’d been there, you would’ve heard me explain.

The next one, “The Hero’s Journey into Fitness,” was even more ambitious. I explained how classic storytelling structures, as codified by Joseph Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces, give us insight into the journey an individual takes when she transforms herself from fat and sedentary to lean and fit. I presented it the Fitness Summit in 2010 and the ISSN national conference in 2011. I later recorded it for sale at movementlectures.com.

In 2012, following the successful launch of How to Get Published, I did multiple presentations on the craft of writing, tailored to fitness professionals and gym owners who write blogs and newsletters and hope to develop the skills to produce freelance magazine articles and, eventually, books.

I’ve also done several research-based presentations, including one on the paleo diet (expanding on my feature in the October 2012 issue of Men’s Health), one of the role of genes in weight management, and another on exercise motivation and adherence.

My most extensive is a three-hour presentation covering the full scope of fitness, nutrition, and weight control for the Mid-Continent Dental Congress in November 2012 in St. Louis.

Let’s return to the question: What can Lou do for you?

  • One-, two-, or three-hour presentations on exercise, food, and the many obstacles to healthy living and successful weight management.
  • Lectures and workshops on improving writing and communication skills for professionals in other fields.
  • Highly entertaining presentations on topics including fad diets, presidential fitness, and the heroic nature of the transformation from a sedentary life to one that’s active and fulfilling.

Interested? Please contact me here.