Lou Schuler

Author, Journalist, Presenter

Wide shoulders, narrow waist, thick chest, muscular arms and legs: today’s male ideal physique is the same as that of ancient Greece. Aerobics and the Food Pyramid just won’t yield that shape, argues Lou Schuler, certified strength-and-conditioning specialist and former fitness director of Men’s Health magazine, and his coauthors.

For weight loss and the Greek physique, the authors propose the “T” (testosterone) plan: weightlifting and a diet of 33 percent each carbs (mostly low-glycemic-index), fat (the “good” kind), and protein; no alcohol; and minimal sweets and processed food. The book includes a meal planner, grocery list, and recipes. A 100-page, clearly illustrated weightlifting program progresses from circuit training to bodybuilding to power lifting, with both home and gym exercises.

This research-based program was tested on 16 willing, hefty guys. After nine weeks, they lost an average of 18 pounds, dropped waist inches, gained strength and energy, and improved their sex lives. The book includes before-and-after photos and quotes from the happy campers.

Schuler’s man-to-man style is clear, direct, and witty. The Testosterone Advantage Plan is recommended for men willing to commit to a rigorous lifting program to achieve their ideal physique.

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