Lou Schuler

Author, Journalist, Presenter

Lou’s new novel – a story of good, evil, immortality, and soccer – is now available wherever ebooks are sold.

Sebastian Miller is fourteen, going on immortal. Problem is, no one has told him about his special powers. All he knows is that he’s unusually good at math and unusually bad at soccer. Whatever confidence he gets from his math talent is obliterated by the humiliation on the soccer field, which is orchestrated by a classmate named Jason Nolasco, who’s been his nemesis since kindergarten.

On his way home from yet another soccer-related disaster, he helps an elderly victim of a single-car crash … who turns out to be St. Nicholas—a living, breathing, seventeen-hundred-year-old Catholic saint.

Soon Sebastian finds himself in an exciting and perilous world, with a new name, new school, new parents, and, most amazing of all, a body that rapidly develops into whatever he needs it to be.

But he still has the same nemesis. Jason follows him to his new school, unleashing fresh and increasingly sophisticated torments. Worse, Jason is always a step ahead of him, because he knows something Sebastian doesn’t: that the two of them are the newest players in an ancient struggle between history’s greatest saints and sinners.

Sebastian’s new friends and mentors include legendary heroes ranging from Saint Patrick to Amelia Earhart. But Jason’s friends, a rogues’ gallery in which Vlad the Impaler barely stands out from the others, always seem to have the upper hand. They’re richer, stronger, and infinitely more ruthless.

By the final showdown on a snowy Christmas Eve, the future of all that is good in the world is very much in doubt … and entirely in the hands of young Sebastian.

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