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Lou Schuler

Posted on: 09/24/07

Cup Check

My friend Joe Stankowski gave me a nice write-up over at his blog, Morning Cup of Joe. And just because this is my lucky month, I’m quoted in this story from the…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 07/14/07

My Favorite Subject

Leigh Peele just posted a detailed and very flattering I get into the book’s backstory as well. I’ll be referring to this one often in the months leading up to the book’s…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 07/08/07

NROL for Women Available for Pre-Order

The Amazon pre-order page is up for New Rules of Lifting for Women, which is scheduled for a December 27 release. It’s never too early to surprise that special someone with the…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 04/27/07

Listen to This

I’ll be on the Fitness Buff radio show with Pete and Sabrina this afternoon. (I’m very precisely scheduled for 5:23 to 5:27.) It’s always a lot of fun, and you can hear…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 04/11/07

See You in the Rock!

I’m off to Little Rock for the fifth annual JP Fitness Summit from Thursday through Sunday. Last I heard, there were still a few seats left. So if anyone just happens to…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 04/06/07

A Whole New Blog

And now the news: I’ve started a new blog, which like this one is called Male Pattern Fitness. Why a new MPF? As many of you know, I’ve been unsatisfied with this…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 02/19/07

Bald Ambition Tour

I apologize for being so post-averse the past few days. I promise you this: It’ll get worse before it gets better. I’m on deadline for my next book, with photo shoots all…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 01/30/07

Exploiting My Own Children

This essay in Fit Pregnancy magazine is the last piece I wrote for a print magazine before taking my ongoing sabbatical. The title, “Not So Great Expectations,” refers to pre-fatherhood fears; the…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 01/23/07

Allentown Five-Oh

I turn 50 today, which is only noteworthy if you consider the alternative. As I mentioned in my last post, my pre-birthday festivities included driving to St. Louis to empty my mother’s…… Read More

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