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Lou Schuler

Posted on: 09/24/07

Cup Check

My friend Joe Stankowski gave me a nice write-up over at his blog, Morning Cup of Joe. And just because this is my lucky month, I’m quoted in this story from the…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 07/14/07

My Favorite Subject

Leigh Peele just posted a detailed and very flattering interview with me on her blog. It’s the first time I’ve gone into this kind of detail about the content of New Rules…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 07/08/07

NROL for Women Available for Pre-Order

The Amazon pre-order page is up for New Rules of Lifting for Women, which is scheduled for a December 27 release. It’s never too early to surprise that special someone with the…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 04/27/07

Listen to This

I’ll be on the Fitness Buff radio show with Pete and Sabrina this afternoon. (I’m very precisely scheduled for 5:23 to 5:27.) It’s always a lot of fun, and you can hear…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 04/11/07

See You in the Rock!

I’m off to Little Rock for the fifth annual JP Fitness Summit from Thursday through Sunday. Last I heard, there were still a few seats left. So if anyone just happens to…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 04/06/07

A Whole New Blog

And now the news: I’ve started a new blog, which like this one is called Male Pattern Fitness. Why a new MPF? As many of you know, I’ve been unsatisfied with this…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 02/19/07

Bald Ambition Tour

I apologize for being so post-averse the past few days. I promise you this: It’ll get worse before it gets better. I’m on deadline for my next book, with photo shoots all…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 01/30/07

Exploiting My Own Children

This essay in Fit Pregnancy magazine is the last piece I wrote for a print magazine before taking my ongoing sabbatical. The title, “Not So Great Expectations,” refers to pre-fatherhood fears; the…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 01/23/07

Allentown Five-Oh

I turn 50 today, which is only noteworthy if you consider the alternative. As I mentioned in my last post, my pre-birthday festivities included driving to St. Louis to empty my mother’s…… Read More

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