Lou Schuler

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Posted 10/12/2011

Strength, fitness, and rehab

I describe myself as a health and fitness journalist, but the overwhelming majority of my published work — books and articles — is about strength training. (You can find all my Men’s Health and menshealth.com articles here.) That said, my most successful article is actually about the dark side of endurance exercise.

Death by Exercise” (Men’s Health, July-August 2003) was part of a package of articles that won the 2004 National Magazine Award in the Personal Service category.

A few recent articles I enjoyed writing:

Planet Fitness Is Not a Gym” (menshealth.com, January 11, 2014) is by far my most popular online-only article. A year later, I talked about it on HuffPost Live.

How to Become a Great Personal Trainer” (spotmebro.com, June 11, 2013) is addressed to fitness pros, but ties together the traits that lead to success in just about any field.

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Home Gym” (spotmebro.com, May 28, 2013) offers as much knowledge about stay-at-home lifting as I could squeeze into a single article.

Many of my blog posts cover training issues; there are far too many to list here. So to wrap up, here are two articles I wrote early in my tenure at Men’s Health that don’t fit neatly into any particular category.

Seeing Is Believing” (Men’s Health, November 1998) is the story of my LASIK eye surgery, which allowed me to see without glasses for the first time since third grade.

A New Fix for Old Injuries” (Men’s Health, November 1999) is the less dramatic story of getting ART treatment on a bum shoulder that I originally injured playing high school football back in 1972. (It was the first tackle I ever made.) At the time, just being able to use my shoulder again without fear of it dislocating felt like a miracle.