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Lou Schuler

Posted on: 01/26/11

Sports, Spelling, and Genes

I walked into the spelling bee just as my daughter was at the microphone for her first word of the day. She saw me coming in, and for a moment I panicked,…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 01/19/11

NROL for Abs: The Elevator Pitch

My friends are perplexed. They’re trying to help me spread the word about The New Rules of Lifting for Abs, but there’s a problem: How do you explain it quickly, concisely, and…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 01/16/11

In Praise of Mediocre Parenting

“The way we normally handle this,” the ski-patrol guy explained to me on the phone Thursday night, “is we put your daughter on a backboard, call an ambulance, and send her to…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 01/13/11

Where to Buy Fitness Gear

About a week ago, I got this request from a reader on Facebook: “Could you please add to your website a list of where you buy the equipment you are using in…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 01/09/11

Preaching vs. Practicing

You need a sense of humor to promote yourself. It especially comes in handy when you realize that you’re telling people to do the opposite of what you’re currently doing. For three…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 01/04/11

How I Kicked My Own Butt

The first thing I learned about book promotion: It helps to read your own book. Publishing is a long process, and it’s been months since my final pre-publication review of the pages.…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 01/02/11

First Workout of 2011!

I wanted to start the year by getting way out of my personal comfort zone and trying something entirely new. That’s why I accepted when physical therapist Shon Grosse invited me to…… Read More

Lou Schuler

Posted on: 12/31/10

Alwyn Talks NROL, Part 2

Continuing with my interview with my coauthor, Alwyn Cosgrove: In Part One, we covered the reasons we wrote to a family audience. People who know you know that you do everything for…… Read More

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