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Posted on: 10/17/12

The Science of Muscle Growth

I’ve never actually met Brad Schoenfeld in person. But I’ve come to rely on his work. When you read The New Rules of Lifting Supercharged, you’ll see exactly what I mean. He’s…… Read More

Posted on: 09/05/12

Gym Etiquette 201

I got my first gym membership in 1980, when I was 23. It was an old-school Vic Tanny. The branch closest to my home was open to men three days a week…… Read More

Posted on: 08/06/12

I’m Still Waiting to Get Too Big

    It came up again on a message board last week. A very nice, intelligent, reasonable young woman told the community that she wanted to try the training program in one…… Read More

Posted on: 04/25/12

The Game of Life

There are days, I confess, when I just feel old. Those days seem to accumulate when I’m about to publish a new book. Every little twinge  in every little muscle fills me…… Read More

Posted on: 03/28/12

Creatine, Protein, and Newsletters

  Nick Tumminello approached me a few months back with an intriguing project: He wanted to put together state-of-the-art research summaries on creatine and protein, combining and building on work from Joey…… Read More

Posted on: 01/18/12

Obesity: The Final Answer

  I recently found myself in a friendly argument over the origins of the obesity epidemic. It (the argument, not the epidemic) started with a post on my Facebook page (scroll down…… Read More

Posted on: 01/02/12

Occupy Muscle Beach!

      I love working out in December. The January newbies are long gone. Even the novices who work out with the gym’s trainers have mostly given up. It’s easy to…… Read More

Posted on: 10/25/11

My Reluctant Fast

  The first to come after you when you turn 50 is the AARP. Nonstop pressure to join, nonstop pressure to buy useless crap while you’re in, and nonstop pressure to rejoin…… Read More

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