Lou Schuler

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Posted 10/12/2011

Current events and history

As a political junky and history nerd, these are some of my favorite articles and posts.

Who Was America’s Fittest President?” (menshealth.com, February 17, 2014) merges two of my favorite subjects. It’s a followup to this post, written three years before, which itself was based on a presentation I did at the JP Fitness Summit in 2008.

10 Most Influential Muscleheads” (T-nation, December 20, 2006) was a response to the Atlantic Monthly‘s list of the 100 most influential Americans. It ranked the 10 figures who most influenced the way we train, or the fact that we train at all. The article itself was just my opinion, and in the comments, you’ll see some terrific responses.

Many of my blog posts over the years have touched on my fascination with history. A couple of examples:

Happy Lupercalia!” goes a bit deeper into history, looking at the origins of Valentine’s Day.

… and He Has his Father’s Occipital Bun” goes even deeper into history, reflecting my occasional fascination with Neanderthals and the role they did or didn’t play in human evolution.