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Posted on: 07/22/14

The Book That Lived

When my friend Ellington Darden released his new book, The Body Fat Breakthrough, it immediately rose to the top in Amazon’s Weight Training category. It’s still there as I write this. Ellington…… Read More

Posted on: 03/22/14

The Business of Writing

Recently I made a huge decision: I self-published my novel, Saints Alive. Huge for me, anyway. To the rest of the world, my fiction debut is somewhat less epic. But that’s okay.…… Read More

Posted on: 11/06/13

How to Eat Like a Caveman (the Real Kind)

A guest post by John Williams, Ph.D. A couple of weeks ago a study came out claiming that Neanderthals ate chyme – the partially fermented stomach contents of reindeer. My first thought:…… Read More

Posted on: 08/21/13

Letter to a Young Musclehead

There’s this young guy in my gym who bugs the living shit out of me. It started with an incident I wrote about for menshealth.com: My gym has one dual-cable machine, with high-low…… Read More

Posted on: 03/26/13

My Favorite Book About Training

I first heard about Josh Hanagarne through Megan Newman, the editor we share at Penguin. Megan told me I’d like Josh because we’re annoyed by the same things. I’m sure she’s right (editors…… Read More

Posted on: 02/13/13

How a Man Ages

For those endowed with a Y chromosome, the maturation process never really ends. Life remains unpredictable, sometimes disappointing, occasionally embarrassing. The best and worst parts typically catch you by surprise. Age 2: The…… Read More

Posted on: 02/06/13

Gods and Kardashians

My favorite book in adolescence was Edith Hamilton’s Mythology. I loved the stories about gods and mortals interacting and creating utter chaos — wars, harrowing (if often pointless) quests, demigod offspring who…… Read More

Posted on: 12/26/12

A Supercharged Manifesto

I just finished my first post-Christmas workout. I felt a little shaky going in; it’s been a while since I asked my body to process so much alcohol and refined flour. Once…… Read More

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