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Posted on: 10/12/11

Nutrition and weight loss

Over the past few years I’ve written much more about nutrition, mostly in the context of weight loss, than any other topic. “The Life-Extending Power of Protein” (Men’s Health, June 2015) uses…… Read More

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Strength, fitness, and rehab

I describe myself as a health and fitness journalist, but the overwhelming majority of my published work — books and articles — is about strength training. (You can find all my Men’s…… Read More

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My history as a sportswriter was short and unhappy. I had a single part-time job covering high school sports for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in the early 1980s. I got fired. Lesson…… Read More

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Current events and history

As a political junky and history nerd, these are some of my favorite articles and posts. “Who Was America’s Fittest President?” (menshealth.com, February 17, 2014) merges two of my favorite subjects. It’s…… Read More

Posted on: 10/11/11

Children and family

Like almost every writer I know, I write about my family every chance I get. My biggest problem is that my home life isn’t very interesting to those who don’t live here.…… Read More